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Before the November Guangxi engineering machinery exports to maintain a rapid growth
Publishers: Webmaster    News Source:    Release date :2013-1-15

The first 11 months of this year, Guangxi engineering machinery exports continued rapid growth, total exports and 365000000 dollars, growth of 23.9%, higher than the mechanical and electrical products export growth of 2.2 percentage points. It is understood, Yuchai Liugong and is the main force of Guangxi engineering machinery exports.

In 2012 the company in Poland, Liugong loader, excavator success off the assembly line, marking the Liugong made a series of products in Europe a key step to realize the history of local production.

At the same time, Liugong has become in the engineering machinery exports, Garner and other emerging countries more. " Exports Liugong excavator about the number of China's export excavator 1/3. " Recently, executive Liugong international marketing department deputy general manager Tan Yong said, in the international competition in the mill, Liugong has become China's construction machinery industry export enterprises benchmarking.It is understood, Guangxi Liugong machinery Limited by Share Ltd, Guangxi Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. exports in the engineering machinery products export two. Main products are exported to the front loader and crawler excavators, two products are exported $153000000 and $147000000, respectively, up 16.8% and 44.6%. Exports throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and other 102 countries.